Meet David Engel.

A skilled Living Statue performer since 1988, David has performed his particular style of comical statues at festivals in China, Singapore, Europe and the US.

Mr. Engel’s stable of offbeat characters entertain thousands at corporate events, libraries, family festivals and theaters across the East Coast and beyond.  His signature act is a comic swashbuckling family show called Pirate School!

Distinguished among his performing peers, David also has years of experience conceiving and producing live events and booking artists for corporate shows.

Mr. Engel, a classically trained actor with a B.A in Theater, began his career doing street theatre across Europe, then worked extensively as a professional actor in Chicago and regionally. For the past eleven years David has been a full-time variety performer in New York averaging 250 shows a year.

He also works as a Clown Doctor  with The Big Apple Circus’ renowned “Clown Care Program” in pediatric hospitals.



Cesar Augustus

Christopher Columbus

The Thinker

Bacchus God Of Wine

The Discus Thrower

The Heisman Trophy

Old Time Baseball Player

Old Time Golfer

60‘s Tennis Pro


The Oscar Statuette

Golden Fool

Sir Issac Newton


Pork Store Chef


Baseball Player

Football Ref

Hockey Ref

Business Man

Toy Soldier

Polar Express Conductor


Classic Mimes

     “I can say with confidence that David is one

               of the top tier performers in New York.”


              K. Manocchia   Event Manager,    Big Apple Circus